Saturday 30 October 2021

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Hello dear learners.
Welcome to our new initiative 'PATHANAM'.
I am very much excited to announce about our educational project PATHANAM. In the project PATHANAM, We will explain the fundamentals of curriculum of STD 6 GSEB, STD 7 GSEB, STD 8 GSEB, STD 9 GSEB, STD 10 GSEB with the base of Learning Outcomes of related subjects. We will try our best to help you to upgrade the Learning outcomes and Scientific approach  and concepts among the students which will be useful to all the teachers as well as the learners for gaining better grade in all the evaluations including Gunotsav 2.0, Annual Exams, Terminal Exams, PAT, Unit Tests. 

PATHANAM will provide the best opportunity to connect the experts for satisfy learners' knowledge curiosity, who have been eagerly waiting for long for such an interactive educational platform !  To enrich your knowledge about every language as well as Fundamental learning outcomes achievement is Main Goal of PATHANAM Team.

Periodical Assessment Tests (PAT) and their solutions, Unit Tests with solutions, Worksheets and content solution of  various subjects such as Maths, Science and Technology, Social Science, English, Sanskrit, Gujarat and Hindi of GSEB would be easier now for all the learners. 

PATHANAM Team hopes for motivation and encouragement with your subscriptions, sharing and views and follows. PATHANAM would be the synonym of Easy Learning for all the students.

Please Click here for the list of new Learning Outcomes of Science And Technology.

Why Learning Science & Technology is so Important ?

    Why does Science & Technology hold such a unique place among other subjects? That is, what is the significance of mathematics in the overall school curriculum of a learners overall development ?
In Education, latest upgraded technology can help students to understand fundamentals and concepts of science and make their curious minds more innovative. Technology makes the learning process more effective and interesting as it makes the students interactive and able to remember the concepts long term.
    Science is dynamic and essential subject for the research and elaboration of both balance and imbalance and of nature. It fulfils the quest for actions and reactions, causes and effects in the environment and surrounding of mankind and all the creatures on the earth. The basic goal of science is to rise transformation and improvement of all living and non living elements in the environment, just to  enhance the world better. The scientific enterprise blends with technology which mainly focuses on innovative inventions and problem solving. Consequently, the harmony of science & technology and society is the key to sustainable development. It also plays the major role for industrial and technological progress of society and within a nation.
    Technology makes distance learning more accessible than before ! In the times of COVID 19, we have seen the miracle of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY in the field of education. It must be focused that there are both the chances, either positive or negative impacts on learning as Every coin has two sides.  The internet can also be used their to spend time for a good purpose: Making learning without stress and more meaningful. You can also use technology when you want your students to participate in discussions. Set up a private Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp  groups for your class and inspire constructive ideas and productive communication !

    Without the extraordinary benefits of the internet, people wouldn’t be able to get access to any kind of real time information at the single click they think about. Today, distance learning is one of the most trending learning methods and innovative techniques. Virtual lessons are replacing the boring traditional chalk and talk  only lectures somehow. Students can easily gain the knowledge of any subjects they are interested in. For example, Astronomy, Mythology, Geography, Cryptography, Anatomy, Botany,  Zoology, Horoscope, Mathematics, Literature and so on. Science and technology contains the curriculum which is able to feed that curiosity and  hunger for knowledge of Students. Learners and teachers can access any information at any time!

    This is possibly the most obvious advantage of technology. Today, technology integration makes everything versatile and simple. Any content online easily accessible via newspapers, scientific articles, important researches and general studies. They can write better, deeper academic papers because they can present their arguments with more evidences and references available on Google search.

    Technology makes collaboration more effective and interesting ! Think about the way collaboration in traditional classroom, the setting up and organizing groups, assigning the project work, and suddenly the classrooms become completely messy. Some students get the chance express their selves firmly, while others don’t get an opportunity to utter even a word or their opinion. Online websites and applications provide a unique teaching and learning experience. They can do the work from home instead of physical attendance; the team is connected through the Internet and everyone is inspired and concentrate on the targets.

    Education must promote the training of learners not only to know how to use theories and operations manuals more efficiently. Indeed, the aim is to clarify, within the limitations, which are the most important factors that influence the education. Science and Technology contains  such learning outcomes which enhance the overall growth of students personality and enrich the minds of learners with treasure of knowledge.

    So, Lets unlock the treasure of Science & Technology by learning its fundamentals. Thanks to technology, my dear learners enjoy learning!
Thanking You.


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