Wednesday 27 October 2021

Mathematics as a subject In Education | Why Maths learning is important ? | Significance of Mathematics in Education | The Role of Mathematics in curriculum.

Hello dear learners.

Welcome to our new initiative 'PATHANAM'.
I am very much excited to announce about our educational project PATHANAM.

In the project PATHANAM, We will explain the fundamentals of curriculum of STD 6 GSEB, STD 7 GSEB, STD 8 GSEB, STD 9 GSEB, STD 10 GSEB with the base of Learning Outcomes of related subjects. We will try our best to help you to upgrade the Learning outcomes and mathematical skills and concepts among the students which will be useful to all the teachers as well as the learners for gaining better grade in all the evaluations including Gunotsav 2.0, Annual Exams, Terminal Exams, PAT, Unit Tests. 

PATHANAM will provide the best opportunity to connect the experts for satisfy learners' knowledge curiosity, who have been eagerly waiting for long for such an interactive educational platform !  To enrich your knowledge about every language as well as Fundamental learning outcomes achievement is Main Goal of PATHANAM Team.

Periodical Assessment Tests (PAT) and their solutions, Unit Tests with solutions, Worksheets and content solution of  various subjects such as Maths, Science and Technology, Social Science, English, Sanskrit, Gujarat and Hindi of GSEB would be easier now for all the learners. 

PATHANAM Team hopes for motivation and encouragement with your subscriptions, sharing and views and follows. PATHANAM would be the synonym of Easy Learning for all the students.

Why Learning Mathematics is so Important ?

Mathematics is a fundamental part of human thought process and logical ability. Mathematics provides an effective way of building mentally disciplined and encourages logical reasoning and mental confidence. Mathematical knowledge performs a key role in understanding the contents of other school subjects such as science and technology, social science, and music and arts as well. Mathematics is an important subject of curriculum.  Maths helps the students to have better problem-solving skills. Math develops thinking analytically and have better reasoning abilities. Analytical thinking refers to the ability to think critically about the environment in which a child live.  Analytical and reasoning skills are important because they help the learners to  solve problems and finding their solutions too.

Why does mathematics hold such a unique place among other subjects? That is, what is the significance of mathematics in the overall school curriculum of a learners overall development ?

Mathematics is a part of our human culture and heritage of our history, and we should become responsible to develop and save this precious heritage. In some curricula, mathematics is offered independently to support the study of other school subjects as an ‘instrumental subject’, while in other curricula, integrated courses which combine mathematics and other fields are offered.

Mathematical skills are very much useful in our routine life too. Basic arithmetical abilities of basic calculations such as addition, substraction, multiplication, division, percentage calculations etc helps us to manage our day to day budget and the estimation calculations we need to do now and then because everything about our surrounding is interrelated to maths. Geometry , Algebra, Trigonometry, Etc are also important parts to learn about mathematics. We have to make students understand to relate their arithmetical and logical reasoning skills in their routine shopping at grocery shops, malls, and supermarkets. We have to make them learn basic calculation of measurements , ratio, percentage and other mathematical algorithms and operations to live their lives more smartly and easily. Computing , Engineering, Sports, Music, Arts, Automobiles, and many other subjects could be made easier to learners via making them  learning mathematics with more interest. Mathematics would not be tough or boring subject from now. Team Pathanam will try to explain mathematical fundamentals and concepts and definitely work harder for making the arithmetical skills more live and more interesting.

So, Lets unlock the treasure of Mathematics by learning its fundamentals.

Hoping to be Favoured.

Thanking You.


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