Tuesday 19 October 2021

Project PATHANAM - Significance of Learning Sanskrit Language

Language Learning -  Sanskrit

Hello Dear Learners,

Today I am very much excited to give you glimpse of Sanskrit Language Learning through our most awaited Project PATHANAM. We will explain the topics of content of STD 6 GSEB, STD 7 GSEB, STD 8 GSEB, STD 9 GSEB, STD 10 GSEB with the basis of Learning Outcomes. We will try our best to help you out to achieve the language learning outcomes among the students which will be useful to all the teachers as well as the learners for gaining better grade in all the evaluations including Gunotsav 2.0, Annual Exams, Terminal Exams, PAT, Unit Tests. 

Our Video content, Worksheets, Solutions and Interactive Games would be helpful to upgrade the performance in various subjects and all the learning outcomes of students as well as of the school. 

Please Check out here the list of latest Learning Outcomes.
Importance of Sanskrit Language Learning.

Sanskrit is the most ancient language of the world and a great part of Indian Culture. Sanskrit is so many centuries old as well as the Latin is. However, unlike this language Sanskrit is alive today. We, Team PATHANAM are working hard to make this great language alive forever. The ancient Sanskrit Language has so much knowledge about Society and the Universe in Depth. From Botany, Biology, Grammar to Religion and Astronomy - The language holds texts return in horde o subjects.

There is a myth that most of the texts written in Sanskrit Language are religious as well as non religious texts too. Sanskrit is a repository of Knowledge. 

The Sanskrit Language has wide range of words to express any subject or any human expression or Objects. You will be surprised to know that There are over 200 words to signify a word Water. Here is the wonderful image containing all those names. OR Click on the image to watch the video of Sanskritwala. 

Sanskrit words are made of root words that have their own meaning that makes Sanskrit a very versatile language. There are so many health benefits of Learning Sanskrit too. Reciting of Sanskrit Alphabets affects our minimal and maximal breath, contraction and expansion in breathing efforts. This system is somehow PRANAYAM, which can balance and calm the mind. That is a miraculous challenge that None of the other languages could do this ever. 

Sanskrit is easy to learn and incredible language. In other languages you required to learn correct words and sentence constructions, however, in Sanskrit Words can be placed up in any order to make a coherent sentence. i.e. रामः वनं गच्छति | or गच्छति वनं रामः | or वनं गच्छति रामः | these three sentences has the same meaning. 

So many Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Punjabi etc includes root words in Sanskrit Language. There for, Learning of Sanskrit language will make easier the other Indian Languages too. Sanskrit is Called the 'Mother of All the Languages.'

So, Lets unlock the treasure of valuable and ancient Sanskrit by learning its fundamentals.

Start learning and experience the amazing benefits of Learning Sanskrit. 

Thank you very much.
Team || पठनम् ||

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